Anniversary Special for Resellers

Highly awaited turnkey reseller centric website ConnectResellerBeta powered by the feature rich platform Starplato developed by TechBravo team, a unit of QuantumPages expected to go live on 8th June, 2009.

ConnectReseller’s brand identity shows inclination towards Resellers. It reflects the values that QuantumPages has been known for in the community, while also representing our new strategic direction for a complete new user friendly Web Solution for resellers.

What sets ConnectReseller apart from all its competitors in the industry are its outstanding features given as under:

Multiple Webshops (Readymade E-commerce Websites for Resellers and Customers)
White Labeled Domain Registrar
Integrated Solutions
Automized Reselling
Easy Product Management
Wide array of product
Lowest Industry Pricing
Private Labeled Marketing Collaterals

Resellers can avail a wide array of services and thereby enhance their respective product portfolios. One of the most talked about USP of ConnectReseller is the concept of Multiple Webshops. Resellers can create separate Webshops for customers and resellers. They can further create separate Webshops for different products and transact in different currencies. This justifies our punch line “Start your own webhosting company in multiple countries in just 20 minutes”.

For a sneak peak on Webshops refer the links given as under

Reseller Webshop:
customer Webshop:

The updated plans and pricing are expected to be announced soon. So stay tuned for latest updates!