ConnectReseller has recently launched a virtual tour which is an ideal tool for all those who are new to ConnectReseller. It is a perfect blend of complete information at a glimpse. It neatly consolidates all the significant highlights of Reseller Platform and serves as a guide to all the clients.

We firmly focus on high service standards and launch of this tour is one of our initiatives towards making complex business terminologies simpler and easier to adopt.

What’s covered in the tour?
ConnectReseller’s Proven Formulae
Web services you can offer to your clients
What sets us apart?
Multiple Webshops
Brand Localization
Multiple Discounting Options
Multiple Currencies
White Labeled Registrar
Private Labeled Solutions
Our system manages the rest at it’s best
Reseller Program Highlights

“Our Virtual Tour is an ultimate electronic brochure possessing the WOW factor which can literally pay for itself in a matter of moments.” commented Ashish Shah – Founder, President & CEO.

We intend to provide complete view to our clients rather than segments that leave questions and uncertainties in their minds. We are positive that this tour will help prospects make decisions more quickly, conveniently, and confidently.

Getting a Million Dollar Domain Name for your Company

The first step towards setting up your Web Service Company is registering a domain name that goes well with the industry and target audience.  The success of your web services company is greatly determined by the quality of the domain name – A Digital Brand. On the other hand a poorly chosen domain can obstruct its success. You’ll want your domain to reflect what your business does, and if at all possible include one or more of your targeted keywords. Below listed are the factors that should be considered before selecting a domain name for your business irrespective of the fact that you are a newbie or an established player.

Domain Name & variations:

  • A name that’s easy to memorize
  • Try to use permutations & combination’s of the name of your business/organization
  • Register all the relevant extensions (.com, .net, .org, .biz etc) available to ensure Brand Security.
  • Register all allied typo(s) to your domain name

Level of relativity to your core Business:
There are possibilities that all the names related to your core business might have been registered by the competitors. If your business name is too clumsy, look for something that relates to your business but always try to register domain names closely connected to your core business.

Generic Name or Brand Name?
It’s our opinion that a domain name that matches your brand name is very important. The name that you use to advertise your products & services is the same name that you will want for your domain, because that is the first thing that people will try to look up. It’s easiest for them to remember, and what is easily remembered, is more likely to be tried out than something obscure.

Competitors Edge:
Consider key domain closely related to your immediate competitors

  • Try to register significant permutations & combination’s of your competitors key domain names
  • Keep in mind the views of your Target Audience

Length of the Domain Name:
You probably can’t get a three-letter domain, you can still consider length. The shortest domain names are already registered.
Try to avoid more than three or (at the very most) four words in a domain name.
In certain cases longer may be better than shorter when it’s a phrase that people can remember easily.
Shorter is generally better primarily because it’s much easier to type, for your visitors to remember

Localized Name:
If you are looking at the Localized Target audience then you can use Local Language Spell in English and use it with your Keyword. E.g. – India’s Matrimony Portal, is a Hindi (Indian Language) word for Marriage.

Domain Suggestion Tools:
You can even use Domain Suggestion Tools based on your Keywords Pair. Domain Suggestion Tools finds available list of domain names for desired keywords.

Common Points:

  • Avoid usage of numbers. If you really want to use a number in a domain, register it all ways, e.g.,, and
  • Pick a domain that is easily spelled when spoken.
  • Avoid double consonants, especially the letter s, such as
  • Try using common words in your business name instead.

To conclude, you are sure register one the best domain names if you consider all the above mentioned Do’s & Dont’s carefully thereby adding value to your business and online presence.

We are glad to announce that the current Promotional Offers pertaining to Domain Registration/Renewal/ Transfer, Web Hosting & Email Hosting have been extended till 8th August, 2009 on public demand.

Have a quick look at the crux of the introductory promos:
Domain Registration/Renewal Transfer as low as $ 7.29/pa
Web Hosting as low as $ 1.12/mo
Email Hosting as low as $ 0.37/mo

So it’s never too late for those who have missed the opportunity to bank on the introductory promos due to it’s extension till 8th August, 2009.

It’s always a pleasure for us at ConnectReseller to reply tons of mails with feedback on our promotional offers and we want this to keep going on and on!

Kindly visit the link for further details on current promos.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone for overwhelming response to the highly awaited launch of ConnectReseller – Division for Web Service Resellers. We have had a great number of congratulatory emails and lots of feedback. Considerable orders have come through as well. A special thanks to those that have taken the advantage of the Promotional Offers.

We hope ConnectReseller truly becomes a great tool for the resellers we deal with and thereby making management of the online empire easier. This is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come as we develop the site further with many more features & services with the launch of version 1.0. Eventually we hope to have smooth online ordering available for the existing range of products & services.

We are putting finishing touches to ConnectReseller and trying to integrate more and more features & services. Needless to say – we don’t really want to disappoint anybody.  Thanks in advance for your patience!

Please let us know if, there is anything you believe we can improve the site, as feedback is of great significance to us. In the meantime enjoy reselling! Do come back often to see what’s new.