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ConnectReseller has recently launched a virtual tour which is an ideal tool for all those who are new to ConnectReseller. It is a perfect blend of complete information at a glimpse. It neatly consolidates all the significant highlights of Reseller Platform and serves as a guide to all the clients.

We firmly focus on high service standards and launch of this tour is one of our initiatives towards making complex business terminologies simpler and easier to adopt.

What’s covered in the tour?
ConnectReseller’s Proven Formulae
Web services you can offer to your clients
What sets us apart?
Multiple Webshops
Brand Localization
Multiple Discounting Options
Multiple Currencies
White Labeled Registrar
Private Labeled Solutions
Our system manages the rest at it’s best
Reseller Program Highlights

“Our Virtual Tour is an ultimate electronic brochure possessing the WOW factor which can literally pay for itself in a matter of moments.” commented Ashish Shah – Founder, President & CEO.

We intend to provide complete view to our clients rather than segments that leave questions and uncertainties in their minds. We are positive that this tour will help prospects make decisions more quickly, conveniently, and confidently.


We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone for overwhelming response to the highly awaited launch of ConnectReseller – Division for Web Service Resellers. We have had a great number of congratulatory emails and lots of feedback. Considerable orders have come through as well. A special thanks to those that have taken the advantage of the Promotional Offers.

We hope ConnectReseller truly becomes a great tool for the resellers we deal with and thereby making management of the online empire easier. This is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come as we develop the site further with many more features & services with the launch of version 1.0. Eventually we hope to have smooth online ordering available for the existing range of products & services.

We are putting finishing touches to ConnectReseller and trying to integrate more and more features & services. Needless to say – we don’t really want to disappoint anybody.  Thanks in advance for your patience!

Please let us know if, there is anything you believe we can improve the site, as feedback is of great significance to us. In the meantime enjoy reselling! Do come back often to see what’s new.


Mumbai, India – 8th June 2009 - QuantumPages, world’s one of the leading web Service Companies, today announced the official launch of its new division “ConnectReseller” dedicated to Domain and Web Hosting Resellers. The new division comes with a unique robust platform Starplato developed by TechBravo, development unit of QuantumPages. ConnectReseller will be a one stop shop for Domain Resellers, Web Hosts, ISPs, Web Designers and Software Development Companies as it provides comprehensive web solutions for companies of all sizes and will be the primary vehicle to accelerate global business of resellers.

By integrating this platform on its Web site, ConnectReseller will leverage its ability to bring domain and hosting resellers together. It will allow them to quickly and easily run their business thereby saving valuable time and money which aptly goes with its punch line “Start your own Web Service Company in multiple countries in just 20 minutes”.

“There’s nothing like the thrill of going live with your very own, one of a kind reseller platform which is an outcome of a 2 year’s development. Architecture of Reseller Platform is in Distributed Model. Majority of the components are in distributed architecture and are connected through Internal Web Services,” says Ashish Shah, Founder, President & CEO, QuantumPages.

The platform is fully loaded with features vital to automized reselling. One of the most essential features of this architecture is that it allows creation of multiple independent customer and reseller Webshops (Online Store) with its own independent identity with the help of Multiple Webshops feature. Others features includes private labeled architecture, white labeled ICANN Accredited Registrar, multiple discounting options, automized reselling, easy product management and many more.

According to Ashish, “The sole goal of ConnectReseller is to provide world class services at industries lowest price thereby reducing customer acquisition costs and expand sales territory of the resellers. The plans and pricing have been chalked out in a manner so as to facilitate resellers in offering their customers a wide range of services, coupled with the best value for their dollar”.

With this move, QuantumPages has separated end customer business and reseller business. End customer business will be handled by and the reseller business will be handled by
The site displays all of the services provided and allows resellers to compare the offerings in a comprehensive manner. This simplifies the selection process, providing convenience and removing hassle. For further details kindly visit

About QuantumPages:
QuantumPages is the world’s leading web service company with businesses including Domain Registration, Web Hosting, security solutions and web service automation software’s etc. QuantumPages next-generation infrastructure and core systems deliver the industry’s most reliable solutions, backed by a dedicated team of technical experts providing unrivaled customer service offering multiple web service brands, each catering to the specific needs and preferences of different customers.


Anniversary Special for Resellers

Highly awaited turnkey reseller centric website ConnectResellerBeta powered by the feature rich platform Starplato developed by TechBravo team, a unit of QuantumPages expected to go live on 8th June, 2009.

ConnectReseller’s brand identity shows inclination towards Resellers. It reflects the values that QuantumPages has been known for in the community, while also representing our new strategic direction for a complete new user friendly Web Solution for resellers.

What sets ConnectReseller apart from all its competitors in the industry are its outstanding features given as under:

Multiple Webshops (Readymade E-commerce Websites for Resellers and Customers)
White Labeled Domain Registrar
Integrated Solutions
Automized Reselling
Easy Product Management
Wide array of product
Lowest Industry Pricing
Private Labeled Marketing Collaterals

Resellers can avail a wide array of services and thereby enhance their respective product portfolios. One of the most talked about USP of ConnectReseller is the concept of Multiple Webshops. Resellers can create separate Webshops for customers and resellers. They can further create separate Webshops for different products and transact in different currencies. This justifies our punch line “Start your own webhosting company in multiple countries in just 20 minutes”.

For a sneak peak on Webshops refer the links given as under

Reseller Webshop:
customer Webshop:

The updated plans and pricing are expected to be announced soon. So stay tuned for latest updates!


“ConnectReseller” a QuantumPages initiative is the highly awaited turnkey reseller website powered by the feature rich platform StarPlato developed by TechBravo team, a unit of QuantumPages providing Software Development and Consultancy Services for Domain Name Registrars and Web Host.

Our goal is to provide an integrated, insightful and ubiquitous service to domain name resellers and hosting resellers worldwide. Our intensive efforts are directed towards fulfilling our goal.

Keeping our goal in view ConnectReseller is expected to offer reseller programs to benefit domain name resellers and hosting resellers to the fullest by providing products and services at industries lowest pricing insuring a power boost to the revenue. Private label webhosting is made easier by our turnkey reseller website which has its own powerful platform integrated in itself.

We are in the process to launch this feature loaded turnkey reseller website at the earliest. Do you have more ideas for new features you’d like to see in ConnectReseller? Let us know, and we’ll get right on them.

This is just a gist of what we hope will be a series of posts describing ConnectReseller Please stay tuned! Existing accounts will be preserved.