Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Major difference between Existing QualiSpace Interface and ConnectReseller Interface?
There are several significant factors that create a difference between existing QualiSpace interface and ConnectReseller interface. The said factors are listed as under:

Features ConnectReseller QualiSpace
Multiple Webshops Yes No
True Multi-Currency Support Yes No
Country Specific Webshops Yes No
Points System Yes No
Discount Coupon Codes Yes No
Separate Product Panels Yes No
Domain, Hosting and Email Integrated Yes No
Windows 2008 Hosting Yes No

Do I Need to Pay Initial Deposit of $99.0 to activate My Account in ConnectReseller?
No, you need not pay Initial Deposit of $99.0 to activate your account in ConnectReseller by the virtue of Resellership at QualiSpace.

Currently I am getting Domains at $7.79 / $7.69 what price will I get in ConnectReseller?
Kindly Contact your Dedicated Account Manager or Contact us at Sales [at] ConnectReseller [dot] com to get special prices.

When will all the domains be migrated to ConnectReseller? Is there any pre-requisite for Data Migration?
The date of migration of domain is yet to be announced. All the resellers will be intimated about the transfer well in advance along with the details on migration of data.

I have already setup my Webshop through QualiSpace interface. Is it mandatory to migrate to ConnectReseller?
It is highly advisable for you to migrate to ConnectReseller and set up a Webshop in a fraction of minutes in order to avail the benefits of the robust integrated platform wherein you can sell Domain along with allied services like web hosting and email hosting.

Why Domain Whois output of Domains Registered under QualiSpace shows different output then on ConnectReseller?
Whois Server for Domains Registered under QualiSpace Account is different than that of ConnectReseller. Any Customization done on QualiSpace Reseller Account for Whois is not applicable to ConnectReseller Domains.

How do I handle all my upcoming renewal(s) & new registration/transfer to get maximum benefit?

Get your account activated at ConnectReseller for free and conduct all the supported transactions from the given interface. You be updated constantly on the latest developments with regards to the type of transactions that are yet to be supported.

For placing New Domain Registration and Hosting order(s):
You shall place both the orders at ConnectReseller to avail the benefits of Reseller Program.

For Domain and Hosting Renewal order(s):
Domain Renewal: Renew Domain in QualiSpace Account.
Hosting Renewal: Cancel Hosting at QualiSpace and buy as New Package in ConnectReseller to avail the benefits of Reseller Program.

What will be Pricing and products available under ConnectReseller?
As per the current scenario following products are supported under Reseller Program at ConnectReseller:
Domain Names Starts at $ 7.89
Web Hosting Starts at $1.49
Email Hosting Starts at $0.49

Can I move my domains now and then renew it from ConnectReseller?
No, you cannot Move Domains Registered under QualiSpace to ConnectReseller.

Can I move my balance money from QualiSpace Reseller Account to new Reseller Account at ConnectReseller? (New)

Yes, you can transfer you balance money from QualiSpace Reseller Account to new Reseller Account at ConnectReseller  by applying refund at QualiSpace and stating the details about Reseller ID at ConnectReseller.